The Science of Eating Well

This week’s blog post is from our Chef at Coombe Dingle, Tim Hinson, on how a book on gut health rocked his whole perception of how the world works and influences his catering in the pavilion at Coombe.

You probably shouldn’t base your whole world view on astonishing facts. If someone tells you that ants don’t have lungs or giraffes are 30 times more likely than humans to be struck by lightning, then a well-adjusted person will say something like “wow, that’s amazing” and then move on.*

*unless you’re in a pub, in which case you’ll probably want to assemble a panel to speculate on the matter for at least 45 minutes. (more…)

Micro-dosing Strength Exercises and the Butterfly Effect for Runners

This week’s blog post is written by one of our Physiotherapists, Henry Abrahams. As a Physiotherapist (MSc) and a Personal Trainer with a BSc in Sports Science, Henry also cofounded MoveWell, selling sustainable recovery fitness and rehabilitation products. Henry shares his knowledge on how micro-dosing strength exercises is a great way to incorporate strength work for runners, as well as the top three exercises you can do!

We often hear ‘build strength to improve your running’ and ‘your ability to recover’ but let’s be honest, it can difficult to find the time.


A Day in the Life of a Tennis Leader

With over 30 of our Junior Tennis Players (aged 11+) having completed the LTA Youth Tennis Leaders course with us, Director of Tennis Andy Trott spoke with one of our Tennis Leaders about her experience on the programme.

What is a Tennis Leader?

A tennis leader supports coaches, volunteers and teachers to deliver tennis sessions on court and support the running of a venue or event. Off-court, they help volunteers, teachers and club management committees ensure that tennis is relevant, accessible, rewarding and enjoyable for everyone! (more…)

5 Reasons to Move More in 2024

As we start the New Year and our New Year’s Resolutions get underway, our Development Officer, Molly Poulter Williams, explains how moving more in 2024 can benefit not only our body, but also our mind.

Do you set yourself New Year’s Resolutions? If you do, you’re not alone.

More than 60% of Brits set themselves New Year’s Resolutions in 2024 – the highest rate seen since 2019. And it’s looking like this year is shaping up to be a year for health; the top-three most popular resolutions for adults focus on physical self-improvement, with mental health awareness and improvements coming in a close fourth.


Coombe Dingle’s Sports Pavilion: Arson, Suffrage and Street Skirmishes

With pre-season underway and the second half of the BUCS season just around the corner, History Graduate and Hospitality Assistant Joseph Sharp looks into the history of Coombe Dingle’s Sports Pavilion as it opens back up for the new term.

While working at Harry’s Bar, I investigated the history of the Pavilion itself given that I was studying History at the university. One of the most interesting chapters of the Pavilion’s history was connected to the suffragette movement.


A Brief Reflection on Teams, Teamwork and Team Dynamics

This week’s blog post is written by our Director of Tennis, Andy Trott, and his reflection on why teamwork is so important.

The most inspiring part of my role is building and leading a team of passionate, skillful and dedicated individuals who all care desperately about our players, the development of our programme and our profile in the sector. The Tennis Team is composed of over 50 people (staff and volunteers), each of whom helps shape our programme and contributes to the experience of our players.


5 Reasons Why You Should Go Out and Walk in the Rain

This week’s blog post is from our Development Officer, Molly Poulter Williams, as she gives 5 reasons why a rainy walk has more well-being boosting benefits than you think!

At this time of year, it’s difficult not to think that certain creatures have got it right with this hibernation malarkey. However, as tempting as it is to spend the next 6 months cocooned in your cosiest blanket, we’re here to tell you five reasons why you should grab your waterproofs and head out for a walk in the rain this season:


10 Ways to Stay Motivated in Winter

As winter fast approaches, James Rowntree, our Group Health and Fitness Manager, tells his 10 top tips on how to stay motivated when it’s cold and dark outside.

Why do we find it so much harder to keep our activity levels high in the winter months? There are some legitimate factors working against us:


Pre-Season: What’s all the fuss about?

This week’s blog is written by our Performance Sport Manager, Matt Paine! Taking place from 21 August – 15 September 2023, Matt describes why pre-season is so important to our student athletes.

Sunshine, unlimited chance to play your sport, conditioning in the gym and field, and access to the best experts in Performance you say? And, we have not even talked about the Burrito Bar yet! Well, that’s what took place for five weeks in August and September at the University of Bristol. (more…)