10 things you can do with University of Bristol Sport that aren’t sport

Despite our name, we are not here to just support students and staff in pursuing competitive sport. In fact, we offer a huge range of activities, events, classes and opportunities for all of our community. Keeping active plays a key part in helping you maintain a healthy, happy life at university and there are more ways than you might think to get involved! In this blog post we’ll be sharing some of these.


10 things you can do with Bristol Uni Sport, that aren’t Sport

Did you know that the Sport, Exercise and Health Division at the University of Bristol has more to offer than just competitive sport? We know that Sport isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so here are 10 ways that you can get involved in active life at Bristol, without a referee or score-board in sight!


Changing the landscape of volunteering in Sport during lockdown!

What is Game Changers?

Game Changers is our Sport, Leadership & Volunteering programme, led by the University of Bristol Sport, Exercise and Health Division. The programme provides students on campus with the opportunity to gain valuable leadership and coaching experience, by volunteering in a Sports environment alongside our Sporting community partners. Throughout the free programme, students have widen their skill set through taking on specific training modules, workshops, and qualifications.

This year, as with many of our Sports programmes, our Game Changers were interrupted by UK lockdown. However, with help from the staff behind the programme, and flexibility and motivation of our students, we have been able to work with our community partners to continue the programme.

Over the past 12 weeks, our Game Changer volunteers and leaders have been working to deliver training and volunteering opportunities online. Below are some examples of how our Game Changers completed their award during lockdown…