The Big Sport, Exercise and Health Quiz


You know that point in the day where the presents have been exchanged, the turkey has been eaten and everyone’s a bit sleepy? We’ve got the perfect between-meals quiz that everyone will enjoy!

You will need: 

– A quiz master!
– A pen and paper for each participant 

1) The Bristol Run Series is back for 2022! We’ll be proud enough completing the 10k but how quickly did Eliud Kipchoge run the world’s fastest marathon?

A)  1hr 58mins

B) 2hr 1min

C) 2hr 16sec

2) One of our BUCS highlights has been watching University of Bristol Water polo compete in the university pool. Which musician is a former member of a national water polo team?

A)  Adele

B)  Justin Bieber

C)  Sean Paul

3) This year we had the pleasure of supporting member of our Alumni competing in the Olympic and Paralympic games, including competitive sailor; Hannah Mills. Alongside Hannah, which other Olympian carried the flag for team GB at the 2021 opening ceremony?

A) Mohamed Sbihi

B) Matty Lee

C) Adam Peaty

4) We welcomed lots of new members into our gym this September. In what year did Franz Nachtegall of Denmark establish what is believed to be the world’s first gym?

A) 1651

B) 1922

C) 1799

5) One of our welcome highlights was the very messy #WeAreBristol Colour Run. What is believed to be the first colour that a baby sees?

A) Red

B) Blue

C) Pink

6) University of Bristol Spartans have been smashing it this year! What’s the diameter of a basketball hoop in inches 

A) 18

B) 28

C) 17

7) We wouldn’t be University of Bristol Sport without.. well… the University of Bristol, but how old is the university? 

A) 111

B) 146

C) 98

8) Both our women and men’s football teams have had some great performances in BUCS this term! But which PROFESSIONAL footballer has scored the most goals in World Cup history? 

A)  Ronaldo

B) Gerd Muller

C) Miroslav Klose

9) We offer a range of yoga classes and they are quickly becoming some of our most popular sessions. The word ‘yoga’ comes from the Sanskrit language but what does it mean? 

A) Union

B) Breath

C) Flow

10) At Sports, Exercise and Health we are used to complicated, very serious sports terminology. In which sport could someone be found at silly point?

A) Darts

B) Cricket

C) Roundnet



  1. B
  2. C
  3. A
  4. C
  5. A
  6. A
  7. B
  8. C
  9. A
  10. B

How did you do in our quiz? Let us know @bristolunisport

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5 alternatives to New Years Resolutions

As we approach the start of a new year, we start reflecting on the year that’s passed (and what a year it’s been!) and how we might approach 2022. If typical resolutions aren’t for you this post might just be!

1) Start small – we mean really small.

We can put a lot of pressure on ourselves at the start of the New Year to make huge, life-altering changes which can cause us to feel disappointed if things don’t quite pan out. Small, realistic changes can make a surprisingly big difference to your everyday routine. Find a new route to uni, choose to walk instead of the bus, try a new coffee shop or brand of tea. Mixing it up will boost concentration, motivation and you know what the say; a change is as good as a rest (but also get some rest too..)

2) Try something new 

Throughout January you’ll have the opportunity to ‘Give it A Go’ and try and number of sport sessions for free! Use this opportunity to try out those things you just didn’t have the time for in September; meet new people, get moving and get involved with socials and events. Being a part of clubs/societies is also a great way to boost your CV and network – great if you’re starting to apply for graduate jobs.

Keep an eye out on University of Bristol Sport and Bristol SU socials to find out more about ‘Give it A Go’.

3) Keep up things that made you happy in 2021

You know that yoga class you started or the social sport session that you and your housemates went to on a Tuesday evening? Keep it up! It can be tempting to make drastic changes but it’s important to be mindful and aware of the things that already present that contribute to your wellbeing. Make a list of 5 things you are glad you started in 2021 and think about how you can continue them in the coming year.

4) Mix up your environments 

Mixing up your environment can be incredibly beneficial to your wellbeing. We aren’t talking about catching the next flight out of Bristol, it can be as simple as trying a new study space or finding somewhere new to exercise. Note down a few environment-swaps you could make and give them try, even if it’s just somewhere new for your morning flat white.

Looking for a new gym? Our Winter Warmer offer is now available and costs just £20 for 2 weeks of unlimited Swim, Gym and Classes. The last use date is 22nd of January, making it a perfect excuse to try out our facilities without the commitment. The even better bit is that if you choose to purchase a full membership after the two weeks, you’ll have no joining fee!

5) Seek new opportunities

Take some time over the Winter break to find out more about what your university can offer and make the most of the Spring term. Are you aware of all of the opportunities University of Bristol Sport provide students? If not, check out some down below.

  • B: Active – our student-supported, inclusive physical activity programme offering a range of classes and social sport sessions on campus from just £2 (or free with a #WeAreBristol membership!)
  • Women’s only and LGBTQ+ Swim/Gym sessions
  • 80+ weekly fitness sessions open to students, staff and the public
  • Opportunities to volunteer and receive subsidised training through Game Changers
  • Student staff opportunities – from hospitality to student sport activators

The University of Bristol Sport app is a great way to stay connected – just turn on notifications for updates, class spotlights and opportunities.

What are you looking forward to in 2022? Let us know down below or get in touch via Instagram @bristolunisport

Keep an eye out for our Winter Warmer offer starting 11 December which offers anytime access to the gym, swimming pool and classes for just £20 for two weeks! Available to buy online from 11 December. Last use date 22 January 2022. 







5 ways to stay motivated during the colder months


It may be getting colder and darker, but moving for your physical and mental wellbeing is just as important as other times of the year – if not even more important! Today we are sharing some of our top tips for staying motivated, safe and well during the winter months.

We will also be giving you a sneak preview of some of the things we’ll be doing to stay active over at University of Bristol Sport.

 1) Exercise with friends

Getting out and moving may seem less appealing at the moment, but meeting a friend will make sure you stick to your plans and boost motivation for your workout too. It’s a great excuse to temporarily escape those Christmas family commitments and boost endorphins in the process.

Making plans with others can also make you more adventurous and can give you the confidence to try new things and push yourself further.

Winter bucket-list: Why not suggest a wintery walk or festive fitness class to try with a friend.

 2) Layer up to stay warm

Exercising outside can lower your blood pressure, reduce stress and will give you that all important variation to your workout. However, keeping warm whilst outside is key to making sure your workout is both safe and enjoyable.

Layers are really important, use the rule of three here; base layer, middle layer and top layer. The base layer will be key to keeping warmer for longer, it should fit snug to your body but still be breathable. The middle layer is the insulator and will work with the base layer to keep you snug, a light fleece is perfect. A top layer is there to keep you protected from wind and rain and remember; brighter the top layer, the safer you’ll be on darker evenings.

Winter bucket-list: Get layered up and find an outdoor boot camp or class to get the benefit of that fresh winter air.

An image of Clifton Suspension Bridge

3) Mix it up

It’s important to recognise when you’re stuck in a rut and to know when to mix it up. Trying something new, whether that’s a new activity or a new place to exercise or a new sport; making small changes can make a big difference.

Winter bucketlist: Try at least 3 new classes throughout December, this will give you a chance to find a new addition to your routine before the new year!

Image of a woman in a seated yoga pose with palms touching

4) Workout from home

It can be a very busy time of year for those who celebrate Christmas. If your day-to-day is starting to look a little different but you still want to fit active time into your day, home workouts can be a really convenient option. Don’t worry if you don’t have any home equipment, many workouts using just your body weight can be just as challenging and enjoyable, or you can use household items like a kitchen chair or even books!

Winter bucketlist: Join one of the @bristoluniactive live-streamed classes and try something new from the comfort of your own home.

5) Be kind to yourself

Our routines can look different at this time of year and that is okay. Whether you train for performance, to improve particular skills or just to feel good, take some time this season to rest and recover too. Whilst the festive season can be exciting and fun, it can also be overwhelming and stressful too. If you do need some additional support this winter, you can contact the university’s wellbeing team

Some other things on our team’s winter bucket list…

  • To go ice skating and try and stay on two feet for more than 5 minutes..
  • A long winter walk at Ashton Court followed by a hot chocolate
  • A 10km Christmas Eve run to blow off some steam!
  • To take some old friends climbing for a Christmas catch-up (followed by some mulled wine)
  • To practice 10 minutes of yoga every day during December

Keep an eye out for our Winter Warmer offer starting 11 December which offers anytime access to the gym, swimming pool and classes for just £20 for two weeks! Available to buy online from 11 December. Last use date 22 January 2022. 

Bristol Active Bucketlist

It’s that time again where we begin to welcome new and returning back to Bristol! In this post, we are sharing some Bristol-based activities that we think deserve a spot on your active bucket list. If you do try any of our suggestions, let us know, we’d love to see your paddle boarding pictures or your new favorite trail. 

Run the downs

Clifton Downs is a running hot spot. With great routes and amazing views over the Avon Gorge, it’s the perfect place to clock up some miles and explore a bit of Bristol whilst you are at it. New to Bristol? The Welcome Fair will be an opportunity to get to know this iconic Bristol location. Keep an eye on our social media for the launch of the 2022 Bristol Run Series if your keen to set some running goals and join our community.

Visit the Wave

Bristol may not be known for being a surfer’s paradise, but it doesn’t mean you can’t catch some waves.  Just a 20-minute drive out of Bristol City Centre, this inland surfing pool offers a range of sessions, whether you are a surfing pro and just want to get out there or if you are a complete beginner. Surfing your thing? Make sure you check out the University of Bristol Surf Society for surf gear access, socials and weekends away. Surf @ Bristol SU

Get climbing

Bristol students love to climb and luckily there’s plenty of climbing centers  around the city where you can reach some new heights. Climbing is not only great for strengthening, it’s also an effective form of cardio and has several psychological and personal benefits from improved goal setting to increased self-confidence.

Cycle to Bath

If you’ve bought your bike to university (wise choice!) then you must cycle the famous Bristol to Bath Railway Path, a 13-mile off-road route suitable for cyclists and walkers.  It might be a little longer than the 20-minute train ride, but you will spot plenty of wildlife and work up a sweat. Just make sure you stop for tea and cake in beautiful Bath!

Watch a game

You don’t have to go very far to catch a match! On Wednesday nights you’ll be able to watch our #WeAreBristol student clubs compete at our Coombe Dingle Sports Facility. Our Pavilion will be serving food and the bar will be open too for the complete game-day experience. If you’d rather be on the pitch, there will be opportunities at the start of term to ‘Give It a Go’ and trial a range of sports clubs and activities for free What’s On & Events @ Bristol SU

Get paddling

Bristol is famous for it’s picturesque and lively harbourside, but you don’t just have to explore it by foot. Recent years have seen more and more people opting to paddleboard their way along the harbour. Stand Up Paddleboard Bristol offer a Paddleboard Harbourside tour suitable for complete beginners and provide all the kit and instruction you’ll need for a safe and enjoyable paddle.

Climb lots and lots of hills

This is an easy one, you won’t get very far in Bristol without going upwards at some point. It may be steep but you’ll thank all the inclines later. Walking uphill can boost your respiratory and lung function as well as strengthening your circulatory system, not to mention a huge endorphin rush!

Walk and explore

The best way to get to know a new city is to get out and explore. Grab your flatmates, some comfy shoes and a bottle of water and find your new favourite spot whilst getting active too. Just 30 minutes of walking a day can improve your overall health and boost mental well-being. If you like a bit of structure to your walk, check out one of Bristol’s many walking tours and learn about everything Bristol, from Banksy to Blackbeard. Our B:Active Residence programme even offers a walking tour for free – keep an eye out on their social media @bristolunibactive to find out more!

Try a water sport

There may be a few water-based activities on our list but sometimes sport is just that little bit more exciting off dry-land. University of Bristol Sailing are one of our clubs offering social sessions as a chance to learn to sail in a fun and friendly way, with taster sessions happening throughout October as part of ‘Give it a Go’. The University of Bristol Sport app is a great way to find out more about our clubs and find out all you need to know about trial sessions, memberships and more!

Join the Colour Run

Every year in September, University of Bristol Sport and Bristol SU host a 3k, very fun and equally as messy, Colour Run. This year is no different and will be held on 26 September at the Coombe Dingle. It’s a chance to run, walk or skip around the course whilst getting covered in colourful paint (we can guarantee great photos!). Tickets are available to book now! Bristol SU Beta



Free ways to have an active life in Bristol


Being on a University budget shouldn’t stop you from living a healthy, active life. In this post we will be looking at some free-of-charge opportunities to exercise your body and boost your mood, available both within the university and the wider community!

1) Swap treadmills for pavements.

Up your step count, improve your wellbeing and explore some of Bristol’s beautiful walks. Local walking/running spots include Harborside, Leigh Woods, Ashton court and the stretch between your front door and the supermarket! It doesn’t need to be a marathon,  just make sure you stay safe, wear reflective clothing where possible and know your route. The Bristol Run Series happens annually and is a great opportunity to train with an aim!

2) Book a B:Active class

Did you know that many of our fitness classes that are part of our B:Active Residence programme are free of charge for those living in University-allocated accommodation? You can try yoga, conditioning, pilates and more without making a dent in your budget. It’s also a great way to meet other students in your accommodation outside of your flat.


3) Give it a Go

During Welcome Week you’ll have the opportunity to try out a huge range of sport and fitness society sessions for free. This will give you the chance to meet new people and try some new things without having to commit to a membership first. These sessions are run with Bristol SU so keep an eye on their socials and website for more details.

4) Attend our Giant Fitness Class

This September we are giving you the chance to try out three of our most popular classes for free at our Giant Fitness Class. This will be a 90 minute session, made up of 3 classes held at the Indoor Sports Centre, no booking required. You can find out more here…

couple doing press-ups

5) Get out and about

Bristol is definitely not short of green spaces, many sporting free courts and even outdoor gyms. Brandon Hill Park is a great example – it’s a workout getting there in the first place!


6) Be app-y 

This year, many of our Run Series Members have inspired us by opting to walk/run with the help of podcasts and apps. From one that makes you feel like you are running away from a Zombie to Sarah Millican trying to get you off your couch, it’s one way to spruce up a run for free

7) Keep it green

If you are keen to get working out from home but don’t have the equipment, there are plenty of ways to use things around your house (full wine bottles are great as weights!)  or even using sites such as Freecycle to get hold of the right kit without making a dent.

8) Get online

The University of Bristol App is the home of 50+ On Demand workouts, ready whenever you are. Home workouts are great for when you’re on a tight schedule, studying from home or even if you just aren’t ready yet to return to our facilities.

9) Follow @Bristoluniactive on Instagram

Here you’ll find loads of active inspiration, tips, updates and even live -streamed fitness classes – it’s really as easy as that! B:Active is the perfect access point for students who are looking to get moving and connect with our community.

10) Stay connected

We will always keep you updated on all opportunities and flag up those that don’t require membership or cost. Make sure you are following us on our social medias, check in on our website or pop in a say hello to our team at the welcome desks at our facilities


Reflecting on Welcome Week 2019: #WeAreBristol Colour Run and Give It A Go!

Over 2,000 students and staff gathered for a fantastic finale to welcome week 2019 by taking part in our #wearebristol colour run and ‘give it a go’ sessions at Coombe Dingle Sports complex!

fantastic number of students came along to ‘Give It A Go’

This year, ‘Give It A Go’ sessions were available across 45 different sports and activities throughout Welcome Week. Sessions on offer included Football, Lacrosse, Hockey and Rugby, to Aikido, Bollywood Dance, Trampolining and Archery.

An incredible 1,673 students signed up to give one or more sessions a try during the final weekend, each of which was hosted by student or staff coaches across our Bristol Uni Sport sites; Coombe Dingle, the Indoor Sports Centre and the Pool.

The ‘Give It A Go’ sessions are designed to give students the opportunity to try a sport or sporting activity that they haven’t done before, and was open to all students no matter your year of study – it’s never too late to try something new!

nothing more fun that a colour run!

What is a Colour Run, you ask? A Colour Run is a fun, family friendly, all-abilities-welcome run (or walk, or jog, or skip) in which, dressed in your white #WeAreBristol t-shirt, you are splashed with coloured powder paint along the course! With six different colour stations, you’ll be sure to cross the finish line rainbowed from head-to-toe!

The event was open to new and current students, staff, alumni and their families – everyone aged four to ninety-four was welcome! We had a phenomenal 332 participants take part this year, starting with a mass-warm-up led by local health and fitness guru, Cat Taylor (who also teaches yoga on our student B:Active programme).

why get involved?

There’s no denying that getting active is good for your health and wellbeing. However, sport isn’t just about the running and scoring goals. Getting active in a group environment like the Colour Run is hugely beneficial for your social wellbeing. Its an opportunity to meet new people and have a laugh with friends, course or flat mates!

Want to get involved in our next mass participation events? There are lots of opportunities to get involved and stay active, whether you’re a super-sporty type or not!

Whether you want to get yourself a challenge, like running the Bristol 10k, or just have fun and get a bit messy, like in our Colour Run, find @BristolUniSport on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to stay up to date with new events being announced throughout the year.