Faces of the Run Series: Roy Kiruri

The University of Bristol Run Series is a community and wellbeing focused virtual event. Through this event we are encouraging staff, students, alumni and people of Bristol to re-connect with one another over a common goal – be that 5k, 10k a Half Marathon (or all three!) – with the aim of bettering our physical and mental health during a time of anxiety, uncertainty and isolation.

Our ‘Faces of the Run Series’ blog posts will shine a light on individuals who have signed up to one, or more, of our virtual events and ask them to share what brought them to our virtual community this year! Through this blog series, we hope to introduce you to your fellow runners by putting a face to the Facebook profile, email address or Strava user we’ve only had the opportunity to ‘meet’ in 2D so far!


Name: Roy Kiruri
Staff or Student: Bristol SU Sabbatical Officer, International Students
Run Series Event: Whole Series!



What is your experience with running up until now?

I’ve been running since my early childhood, frequently taking part in long distance track events (like the 800m and 1500m) as well as doing cross country events throughout primary and secondary school. Now I run more as a way to stay fit and to get in some good cardio to compliment my gym workouts. 

What motivated you to sign up to the run series in 2021? 

I attended the Great Bristol 10k in 2019 and I remember the buzz I found on Strava when prepping for the race and seeing how my friends were getting ready. I decided to join the Run Series because I was looking to find that same bit of excitement, especially knowing how helpful that excitement of being part of a big event can be during times like these. 

Top tip for getting out the door for your training runs? 

My top tip would be to get your clothes on, before your mind has time to come up with excuses!
Next thing you know, you’ll be logging the miles and getting some great exercise in. 

What are you most looking forward to about taking part in the Run Series this year? 

This year, I’m looking forward to seeing the student uptake and hopefully making some new running buddies on Strava!

Your favourite pre-run snack? 

For me it’s got to be a banana, packed with energy and not too filling to the point of giving me a stitch (never a fun one any runner will tell you). 


Sign up for the Run Series online and feel join a supportive community of people who are getting active and working towards improving their physical and mental wellbeing.

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