Running in Warm Weather

As the Bristol Run Community start their virtual 15ks and begin training for the Great Bristol 10k and Half Marathon, we’ve got another blog post from Queen Square Running Club coach Matt Dorber tackling how to run in warm weather!

We’re expecting some hot weather now in the next couple of weeks, which is fantastic but can impact your running, so here’s some handy tips for coping with the sun!

Staying Hydrated

Photo Credit: Bluewater Sweden

Obvious one but it is important. Your standard daily jog won’t have aid stations on route like a race, so plan for it! If you’re heading out for a short run then take a water bottle. if you’re heading out for regular longer runs then it might be worth purchasing a hydration backpack. You can pick these up for anything between 20-80 pounds depending on what you’re willing to spend. Some of them come with water bottles on each side that you can sip from mid run; some come with a full ‘bladder’ that you can fill and keep in the back, and sip through a flexible straw as you run.

Keep your body cool with that water too – it’s a good idea to splash it on the back of your neck, on your head and arms to cool the body as you run.

Run early or later

There’s only a set amount of hours in the day so if you have to run midday, not a problem. Ideally in the summer months your optimal running times for staying cool will be before 9am and after 6pm. You’ll find particularly the evening runs a lot cooler. If you DO have to run in the middle of the day then seek shade where you can – it’s a perfect opportunity for some trail running, get in amongst the trees and out of the sun! 

Photo Credit: Ketut Subiyanto

‘Dress for Mile 3’

This is a tip that’s been passed on to me years ago but it’s something I always remember. When you head out for a run in the morning you might feel ok in a long sleeved top or a hoody, but how is that going to feel when you’re 3 miles into a run and your body temperate has risen? If anything it’ll be a pain to carry with you when you inevitably have to take it off! 


If you’re like me, when the temperature increases I sweat lots during any physical activity. When you sweat your electrolyte levels can become low, and water alone isn’t going to help that. Drinks with electrolytes (lucozade sport as a cheap example) can help restore the balance of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and will help keep off things like stomach and muscle cramps. 

And most importantly, above all else – wear sunscreen! We all want the infamous runners tan (a constant strip of white where your Garmin sits) but stay protected. 

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