8 Reasons to join a class

Did you know that there are over 80 classes a week at the Indoor Sports Centre? With classes from Body Combat to Yoga fit to Spin, there is something to suit everybody and any level. Today we will be taking a look at  reasons why joining a fitness class can be a fantastic addition to your active life. Most of our fitness classes operate from the Indoor Sports Centre on Tyndall Avenue and are included in the Active Memberships. Our B:Active programme also runs its own series of low-cost and free classes on Campus and in the Residences, you can check out both timetables on our website.

1. It’s a great way to make connections

After almost two years of living room workouts and back garden training, we have loved being back in the studio with other members of our community. Don’t worry though, we are still taking lots of precautions to keep our community safe! Our classes have become somewhat of our community themselves, you are bound to see some familiar faces when returning to your favorite classes.


2. They have the feel good factor

Group classes can boost motivation and have even proven to give a greater endorphin hit then solo activity – a great well-being booster. Our instructors are experienced in cheering you on and have some particularly enjoyable playlists – you’ll hear everything from house music to 80’s pop blasting out of our studios.

3. Time to try something new

Classes are the best way to try out a new way of exercising. With the range of classes we offer, there are plenty of opportunities to try a range of different activities without having to commit to anything! Quit searching the internet for new crazes or ‘fitspo’, book in and spend 50 minutes with one of our dedicated instructors and get moving!

4. Experienced instructors

This is a great benefit of classes, especially if you are just starting out. Our instructors are experienced and are on hand to put your safety first! Working out with a professional will lessen your risk of injury and will help build your confidence. You’ll also spot some of our Student Staff at classes so make sure you say hi.

5. Time out

To attend one of our classes you’ll need to book. This not only helps us monitor class sizes and ensure you have a spot, it’s a great way of pre-scheduling time in your day to get moving. We have classes running throughout the day so make it part of your morning, afternoon or evening study break – just don’t forget to get some actual rest in to! You can book via the booking portal on our website, if you’re a student you’ll just need your single sign-on and a membership for our gym classes.

6. Mix up training

We have a huge range of people in our fitness classes from fitness beginners to some of our performance athletes. Classes such as Body Pump and Barre Fit are a great way to mix up Strength and Conditioning for those in training, whether that be pre-season, race training or athletic prep.

7. There really is something for every ability

Did you know that we run Community Exercise Classes for external members of our community and staff. These classes are specially designed for those with limited mobility and include classes such as modified Zumba and Chair Yoga.

8. It’s just around the corner

 Our Indoor Sports Centre is located centrally on Campus which makes it very easy to pop into class pre-or-post lectures. Give yourself some time to work out a different part of your brain and get a sweat on, it’ll improve concentration and boost your energy!


We look forward to seeing you at a class soon!

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