Why joining a sports club will be one of the best things you’ll do at university

There is a lot going on during your first few weeks of university so don’t worry if you didn’t feel ready to sign up to any clubs or societies just yet – there are still plenty of opportunities to get involved this year. All student clubs run a little differently, however most welcome all abilities and may offer Performance teams that focus on competing, as well as social sessions for those just wanting to play for fun.

In this blog post we’ll be looking at some of the reasons joining a sports club can enhance your university experience!

It’s really quite social

Joining a Sports Club opens you up to meeting a whole new group of people, from a range of years, subjects and backgrounds. On Wednesdays, you’ll catch many of our sports clubs hosting socials (including non-alcoholic ones)  – it’s a chance to get to know your new club and city. There’ll be opportunities to socialise in lots of ways –  most clubs have social secretaries who organise all sorts of events, from coffee mornings to game nights, to away days.

Time to work some different muscles

The university experience is all about well-rounded development and there are plenty of ways to do get involved around your studies. Joining a Sports Club will allow you to carve out time in your week to develop physical and mental fitness, strength, strategic thinking and inter-personal skills. This will also help with your time-management as club sessions are carefully structured to maintain balance between university, sport and that all important down time.

You’ll be part of a community

Every year our clubs have a new intake of students, and we help ensure that they have the facilities and support to best welcome new students to both their sport and the wider #WeAreBristol community. Finding a group of people with similar interests and goals can be incredibly beneficial to helping you settle in and adapt to university life. Plus, you’ll have access to the wisdom (hopefully) of your teammates in upper years.

Movement makes you feel good

Exercise increases the flow of blood to the brain, boosting memory, concentration and creativity – all essential for successful study and boosting your well-being. Most clubs will have several training sessions throughout the week, varying from game play to strength and conditioning. Group exercise also increases that endorphin rush which will improve mood and self-esteem – winner!

Employability boosting experience

Taking part in sport . Participating in team sport at university can be a great addition to your CV as it shows commitment, teamwork, motivation, strategy and time management. Clubs can also give you the opportunity to apply for committee roles such as kit officer, social media and social secretary, which you can use towards extra-curricular programmes such as Game Changers and Bristol Plus.

An opportunity to try something new

Didn’t enjoy sport at school? Maybe you just haven’t found the one for you yet! You might be surprised as to how many Sport Clubs operate at University of Bristol that you’ve never heard of. Some of our more recently introduced sports clubs include Roundball and Ultimate Frisbee. Check out the University of Bristol Sport app to find out more about the range of clubs at Bristol.

You can challenge yourself  

Most of our clubs have a least one team or squad that play competitively. Many play in BUCS, a national inter-university competition that includes over fifty different sports.

BUCS allows sports teams to meet and compete against one another both at home and away, allowing you to feel a part of something even bigger! Taking part in competitions can also help you set both long-term and short-term goals supported by our coaches and your teammates.

BUCS starts next week, keep an eye out on our social media for fixtures and why not come and watch a match to get a taster. 

Who doesn’t love fresh kit?

We couldn’t leave out the much sought-after University of Bristol Sport stash. You won’t move an inch on campus without spotting someone proudly sporting their club on a fleece. We also have a long-standing partnership with Surridge Sport who provide kit for our #WeAreBristol Clubs meaning you’ll be fully kitted out if you choose to play competitively.

It’s rewarding (most of the time!)

It isn’t just about winning that big match or race, those smaller, personal achievements are just as valuable. Whether you’ve been doing sport for years or your new to it, you’ll find yourself developing from day one as part of your team and leaving practice feeling a sense of reward, even on those ‘meh’ days.

Check out the University of Bristol Sport app to find out more!



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