What is B:Active and why should you get involved?

Welcome to B:Active, an inclusive activity programme designed for student life – from social sports to fitness classes, the aim is to make it as easy, fun and affordable as possible to get moving and look after your mental and physical wellbeing. But why is B:Active so great?

Location, location, location!

B:Active  has two programmes which take place a multiple locations across campus, and in Residences, to make sure you always have an opportunity to get active close by.

B:Active Campus is based predominately at the Indoor Sports Centre on Tyndall Avenue and the Richmond building (Bristol SU and Swimming Pool) in the heart of campus – easy!

B:Active Residences is, as the name suggests, exclusively in hall of residences so you can literally hop out of bed and into a class. This is also a great way to meet other people in your accommodation block.

It’ll costs less than your latte

 B:Active Campus sessions are available for free with any Sport, Exercise and Health membership the cheapest membership is only £5.99 per month or are available on a pay as you go basis for just £2 per session. Classes are  easy to book on the University of Bristol Sport website –so you can book all of your  sessions at the start of the week to fit around your studies.

Meanwhile, all B:Active Residences classes and activities  are free for students living in University allocated accommodation

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“My favourite thing about being a part of the B:Active community over the past 3 years has been getting to meet people from all over the uni. First years, postgrads, professors, everyone really. It’s been such a lovely way to find out about parts of university life that I haven’t quite encountered myself yet!”

Maddy Padgett, Lead Student Activator 2021/22

Peer support

B:Active has an amazing team of Student Activators who are there to help with sessions and support you in living your best active life at university. You’ll spot our activators in B:Active sessions, at events and gym sessions.

Could you be our next Student Activator? Watch out this year – we’ll share  opportunities on our social media  to become an activator yourself and earn some money whilst gaining valuable leadership skills.

It’s designed to work around you!

B:Active sessions run throughout the week (including weekends!) and at a range of times, making it ideal for a changeable and busy student schedule! The B:Active timetable is available on the @bristolunibactive Facebook page and on the University of Bristol Sport App. Go virtual  

We have been so excited to bring back B:Active “IRL” but  the success of our live-streamed classes means you’ll still find some virtual classes on our timetable too! It couldn’t be easier to join ; either tune in on Instagram live @bristoluniactive or through our app.


You’ll find something for you / Something for everyone

The range of B:Active sessions is bigger and better  this year! As well as fitness classes, you’ll find social sport sessions,  and walking groups. We’ve even partnered up with PROJECT:TALK to deliver a ‘Dudes and Dogs’ session, an opportunity for men to walk and talk with their wonderful canine companions!

 Inclusivity is at its core

  “My favourite thing about B:Active is how inclusive it is. No matter your fitness level or experience at a particular sport, there are friendly and welcoming sessions on a variety of sports available for everyone. It’s also a great opportunity to try something new in a comfortable and relaxed environment.”

Alba Moral Foster, Lead Student Activator 2021/22

 One of B:Active’s key aims is to make sport and fitness as accessible as possible for  our student community. Our timetable you’ll find sessions that  give everyone in  our community a safe and supportive place to exercise. We have introduced  sessions such as Women-Only Mixed Martial Arts, Women-Only Swimming and LBTQ+ Swim for Fitness.

You don’t need to be ‘sporty’

All fitness and sport abilities are welcome at B:Active sessions. It’s so inspiring to see students from a range of experiences come through our doors and get moving together.

Sessions are all beginner friendly, and our instructors and activators are on hand to help with any modifications to suit your needs! Students with accessibility requirements can  get in touch with the B:Active team ahead of sessions so that we can chat about the support we can provide.


B:Active is easy to book through our website Buy and Book online | Sport, Exercise and Health | University of Bristol. Check our handy guide to booking a session here https://www.instagram.com/reel/CUIKsS7AACr/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link


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