Recipe of the Week: Overnight Oats

Our #RecipeOfTheWeek this week is Overnight Oats – a perfect breakfast recipe for people short on time in the morning, or who want to be able to snooze that alarm once more! It can be prepped the night before and finished off in a couple of minutes the next morning.

It’s a really simple recipe, but has huge potential for anyone who wants to get creative with flavour combinations – we’ve given you a few ideas for you to try at the end of the recipe!


  • 50g porridge oats
  • Milk of choice
  • 1-2 tbsp of yoghurt (natural or greek-style)
  • 1/4 tsp of cinnamon
  • Drizzle of honey
  • Fresh or frozen berries
  • Optional: nuts and seeds such as chia seeds, almonds or pumpkin seeds


1. The night before, put your oats, cinnamon and any nuts and seeds that you are using into a jar, bowl or mug.

2. Pour over your milk of choice until it just covers the oats.

3. Leave in the fridge to soak overnight.

4. The next morning, stir your oats and mix in the yoghurt (you can choose how much you add based on the consistency of the oats that you would like)

5. Top with the fresh or frozen fruit, plus any additional nuts, seeds, a drizzle of honey and extra cinnamon.

6. Serve and enjoy!

Some flavour combinations to try:

  • Chocolate brownie oats: use cocoa powder
  • Apple pie oats: top with stewed apple and granola.
  • Carrot cake oats: mix in grated carrot, nutmeg and raisins and top with yoghurt.
  • Tropical oats: Mix in frozen pineapple and mango and top with desiccated coconut.
  • Mocha oats: Mix a shot of coffee and tbsp of cocoa powder into the oats mixture.

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Hosting An Online AGM: Blog Takeover with UBWRFC Captain, Frankie

COVID-19 can be seen everywhere in the news today, in fact it’s almost impossible to open up social media without seeing an article about it. However, at UBWRFC (Women’s Rugby), we didn’t let the fact our members are all hundreds of miles apart get in the way of everyone’s highlight of the year – the AGM.

The aim of our AGM was to make the best out of a bad situation and to ensure newly elected committee don’t miss out on the experience of this important event in our club calendar.

I hope to share with you some tips to ensure every club is able to host a successful, fair but most importantly inclusive, virtual, AGM for their whole club.


  • 65+ members voting
  • 70+ people watching along
  • 11 newly elected committee members
  • Accessible to both members and coaches

Our Tips

Choose an appropriate media platform!

As silly as it sounds, the choice of platform you decide to host your AGM on can really detract or enhance everyone’s experience. An application such as house party is in accessible to a lot of members and quite frankly rather messy-especially for a group of rugby girls. Our solution was to use Facebook live stream as we were able to broadcast the event to everyone without having to make a new group, ensuring everyone was included…coaches too!

Keep it as true to a real AGM as possible

Admittedly this years’ AGM aren’t exactly going to be the same as normal, however by making it as realistic as possible makes the night seem as if it is no different. In our AGM we included speech videos to watch together and live facetime calls to record the newly elected committees’ reaction of the best moment of their life. Additional to this, we had a committee stick man drawing in the background, so that as people were elected their paper faces were moved up, gradually forming the committee as the meeting went along-this even made a new committee picture possible. Play about with this, plus it makes the night more memorable.

Keep everyone involved

As well as live facetimes on the night, club members were also able to comment along and express their thoughts and feelings throughout the night making sure everyone was included.

Be prepared

Even on a regular AGM night, there is bound to be an unexpected curve ball that needs to be dealt with. In our case, a vacant committee position was opened up on the night and people put themselves forward for the position. Ensure you have the ability to deal with situations like this, i.e. be able to make a voting medium quickly to cater for these changes.

Let’s just say these alternative, virtual AGM events will be remembered by club members for years to come but remembered as an event that continued to unify the club even during the craziest time of our lives!

Bristol GBBO Star, Briony Williams, announced as Great Bristol 10k University Ambassador

The University is delighted to announce Briony Williams as their Ambassador for this year’s Great Bristol 10k in May.  

Briony, who lives in Bristol and studied for her post-graduate qualification in teaching at the University, became a household name when she starred in the 2018 series of the Great British Bake-Off, making it all the way to the semi-finals.  

Briony went on to win the 2019 edition of The Great Christmas Bake-Off, and it’s also been announced that she has joined the presenting team of Channel 4’s  ‘Food Unwrapped’. As well as her TV appearances, Briony writes regularly for food magazines and features at food-festivals around the country! 

So, where does running fit in? We wondered the same!  

When she’s not creating masterpieces in her kitchen, Briony admits be being a keen runner. To date, she has taken on several 10k races and a couple of half-marathons, with more lined up for this year.  

This year, the University Bristol 10k campaign is focusing on the benefits that running, and being more physically active in general, can bring to our mental health – something Briony is a huge advocate for.  

Announcing her ambassadorship on Instagram, Briony wrote, “I’m really excited to be championing two things I care about so deeply: running and mental health”

We are thrilled that Briony will be running alongside our students, staff and alumni in the gigantic University Wave, and working with us in the lead-up to the event to encourage everyone on campus – runners and non-runners alike – to get active to support more positive physical and mental health and wellbeing at the same time as raising awareness and funds for the University’s B:Active Healthy Minds initiative. 

Almost 500 students, staff and alumni has already signed up to this iconic Bristol event! Get up, get together, and get active by lacing up your trainers and joining #TeamUoBristol for this year’s Great Bristol 10k on Sunday 3 May.   

Sign up for the University Wave

If you are University of Bristol staff, Student or Alumni, you can sign up to run the Great Bristol 10k with discounted entry.

Out To Swim: LGBT+ community fitness swimming in Bristol

Whether we are cheering or competing,
we are all at our best when we feel part of the team.

This week, alongside some of our fantastic #WeAreBristol sports clubs and Bristol SU, we celebrated BUCS Wednesday with the addition of Rainbow Laces. But the colourful additions weren’t a fashion statement, they were taking part in Stonewall’s Come Out Active campaign, raising awareness of the need for better LGBT+ inclusivity in sport.

Sport has an amazing power to bring people together. But 4 in 10 LGBT+ people don’t think sport is welcoming.

Stonewall, 2019

The Come Out Active campaign for 2019 ends tomorrow (30 November), but building an inclusive community in sports happens all year around. Our mission at Bristol Uni Sport is to bring people together through sport and physical activity, and help everyone achieve a sense of belonging as part of the #WeAreBristol community.

Out To Swim West is run with support from Bristol Uni Sport, and brings an inclusive and friendly sporting opportunity to campus for LGBT+ adults, and is open to both students and staff.

Out To Swim (OTS) are a masters swimming club for the LGBT+ community. Most of OTS members are LGBT, but the club is inclusive to all, and welcomes all adults with an interest in aquatic sport and swimming for fitness, including disabled swimmers. Out To Swim West are based in Bristol and form a branch of the wider Out To Swim charity organisation who also have clubs based in London and Brighton, and have been running (or should we say, “swimming”) for over 25 years. 

You don’t have to look very hard to see that homophobia, biphobia and transphobia are still rife in sporting culture. I think a lot of LGBT people had a bad experience with sport growing up…but Out To Swim is the complete opposite: I immediately felt welcome, accepted and comfortable, which is so important.

Ben, OTS West swimmer

Out To Swim West launched in Bristol in the summer of 2018, at Bristol’s Pride weekend and is supported by the University of Bristol. The club was launched with three founding members, Rob, Alistair and Matt, and within twelve months they had eleven regular swimmers. Now, 15-months since their first ‘official’ social swim in August 2018, they have 29 members and are hosting three swim sessions per week (more info about these below)!

For Matt, one of the co-founders of OTS West, it’s about building a community, as much as it is about swimming – the club will regularly meet for a coffee after their Saturday swim session. Alistair, another co-founder of the club, agrees, sharing in a recently Bristol 24/7 article that OTS is more than just a swimming club; “It’s a community and it’s friendships. There are people of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life. It’s a shared hobby.”

The best thing about OTS is what a supportive community it is. We all encourage and help each other, and there’s no judgement if someone isn’t as strong a swimmer or is having an off day.

Out To Swim West hold swim sessions three times a week at the University of Bristol Swimming Pool which is in the Richmond Building (Bristol SU):

  • Tuesdays: 6.30am to 7.30am (uncoached*, focus on distance)
  • Wednesdays: 7pm to 8pm (uncoached*, focus on skills)
  • Saturdays: 12pm to 1pm (2 lanes, with a coach, focus on skills)

*Uncoached sessions are led by an experienced member of the club

The minimum standard required is 4 lengths front crawl continuously.
Not quite there yet? Don’t worry – the Bristol Uni Sport offers Adult Swimming Lessons to help reach this goal. 

Read the Bristol 24/7 article written about OTS

Students: Join a B:Active Campus LGBT+ Swim session
Saturdays 12pm – 1pm at the University Pool

Find out more, or to arrange a FREE taster session with the club, contact OTS West via their website.

Bristol Alumni Rowers Set To Take On 3000-Mile Atlantic Challenge

(L-R) Flo, Hannah & Georgie will attempt the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge in December 2020

This week (18-24 November 2019) is #ThisGirlCan week on Bristol Uni campus. We have a timetable of exclusive female-only classes and club taster sessions, all completely FREE, to encourage more women across campus to get together and get active!

Alongside this timetable of activities, we are featuring on social media a showcase of ordinary women, achieving extraordinary things in world of Sport, Exercise and Health! #WomenInSport

Atlantic Antics

Atlantic Antics 2020 is a self-titled trio of keen rowers – Hannah, Flo and Georgie – who, next year, will take on the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, a 3,000 rowing race from La Gomera in the Canary Islands, to English Harbour, Antigua.

Why the Atlantic?

Flo: “Because why sit at a desk all day when you could be sat in the middle of the ocean?”
Georgie: “Because rivers are too flat.”
Hannah: “Why not?”

The responses of three women determined in their mission to cross the Atlantic together – a journey of 3,000 miles, against 30 other crews from around the world. Not only that, in doing so they are attempting to become be the fastest female trio to complete the trip, aiming for a crossing of only 50 days. If successful, the trio will beat the current record by 10 full days!

The Team

Particularly exciting, is that two-thirds of the trio are Bristol University Alumni, having met one another as members of the University of Bristol Rowing Club!

Flo attended a Fresher’s taster session for rowing and was immediately hooked by the competitive nature of the sport. She rowed for Bristol throughout her degree, and for local club. Hannah also rowed with UBBC throughout her time at Bristol Uni and becoming Women’s Captain. Hannah saw a number of UBBC members complete the Atlantic Challenge and was inspired to follow in their footsteps one way or another!

Georgie found rowing whilst studying at Lincoln University, and was put in touch with Hannah and by someone in the rowing biz who knew she was also looking for a crew to take on the Challenge. Very quickly, Atlantic Antics was born!

Why the challenge?

In Hannah’s words; why not? The trio are taking on this epic challenge because with the adequate training and preparation, they can! Not only that, they could make history by being the fastest female trio to do so.

Beyond that, Hannah, Flo and Georgie are on a mission to inspire other women to give sport a go. Through this challenge they are supporting Women In Sport, a charity “with the goal of giving every woman and girl in the UK the opportunity to experience the transformational rewards of sport.”

The trio admit that sport didn’t come naturally to all of them, but that “what stuck with all of us from those younger years was the friendship and community found in sport”. These courageous women hope that by sharing their ‘antics’ online whilst they prepare for this epic challenge, they will inspire other women to get involved in sport, at any level, and “find something that they are as passionate about as we are”.

6 am training sessions and gruelling training camps put us through our paces and pushed us beyond our limits. Sport has given us the confidence to always try, regardless of how silly we may look, our lack of natural ability, or the chance of failure.

Atlantic Antics 2020

Atlantic Antics is also supporting Rowing Together for Healthy Minds; a charity changing the attitudes surrounding mental health in rowing.

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Student Spotlight: Astrid Blee (Bristol Uni Run Leader)

At Bristol Uni Sport we’re expanding our community of student and staff Run Leaders! Whether you’re a cross-country superstar, or total beginner, it doesn’t matter – we’re simply looking for enthusiastic, community-minded individuals to get involved and support your peers in keeping active this year.

Astrid, Bristol Uni PG: Run Club leader

Astrid Blee is a third-year PhD student in the School of Physics, but in her spare time she also is a Bristol Uni Run Leader. We spoke to Astrid about her experiences as a Bristol Uni Run Leader over the past 12-months, and why she thinks that you should get involved this year!

Astrid’s Run Leader journey started out when she discovered how running with other people can make the experience more enjoyable.

“I’ve always run by myself, but after trying a couple of runs with a friend of mine, I discovered that running with other people is actually good fun!”

The comradery that came with running as part of a group inspired Astrid to set up her own running group.  She thought setting up a running group would be a good way to meet new people and have fun being active together. 

“I was delighted to find out that at the same time, the university was offering the LIRF (Leadership in running Fitness) training.”

The Leadership in Running Fitness (LIRF) training is an official qualification led by England Athletics and is designed to prepare you to provide a safe and enjoyable running experience for young people over 12 years of age and adults of any ability, size or shape. Astrid applied for a place on the LIRF course, offered to prospective Bristol Uni Run Leaders for FREE by Bristol Uni Sport.  

Astrid has now been leading PG: Run Club for almost a year, and told us that the LIRF training offered by Bristol Uni Sport was really beneficial and a huge help in getting her group ‘up and running’! 

“[The LIRF training] was really good fun, and very informative – I felt really reassured.  …it’s definitely helped me with planning PG: Run Club

Astrid also takes PG: Run to Parkrun some weeks too!

And, whilst Astrid was running fairly regularly before she signed up to become a Bristol Uni Run Leader, we’re encouraging everyone from the runner-bean to running-novice to get involved with this opportunity to give something back to the #WeAreBristol community! Astrid agrees; “Some awareness of the difficulties of long distance running/training is pretty useful, [but] you definitely don’t need to be an advanced to runner to be a running leader”.

Becoming a Run Leader is a unique way to get active, get social and give back to the #WeAreBristol community. Astrid highlighted how rewarding the Run Leader role can be both personally, and as being part of a community that you have helped to build;

“I have loved getting to know people I’d have absolutely no interaction with otherwise – I’ve met lots of post-grads and definitely made new friends!

It’s really satisfying to see other people’s progress as well as your own. The beginners group that I’ve been leading for about a month now have already made great steps towards running a continuous 5K (our soft goal!), which I’m really proud of.

The Run Leader role is open to staff and students, with Run Leader training taking place in December 2019 at the Coombe Dingle Sports Complex.

Astrid’s top tip before you sign-up? Don’t fret: it’s really easy to build up your own skills as well as helping others to develop. 

Click here to express your interest in joining the Run Leader team!  

If you’re a post-grad looking for a group of friendly faces to stay active with, why not join Astrid on their next run? Visit their Facebook page for all the details.

For more information about the role, email